I Mac or Streamer for source? or is there a difference?

Should I use my iMac or buy a dedicated streamer to download music ? my "amateurish" reasoning is that I am streaming music in bits and packages of bits,  so should my hard earned  money be spend in a very good DAC versus buying a dedicated streamer? 
Just learning about streaming. Thanks for all your insights and opinions.
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I recently purchased a Benchmark DAC3 HGC.  I am streaming Qobuz from a Mac Book Pro (2020 version) to the USB input of the DAC.  Since the DAC has volume control, I am able to send the output directly to an older Carver amplifier.  This sounds very good to me even though the amplifier needs some updates.  This particular DAC handles the output from computer streaming very well.  Just my two cents.  

What are you using now for a DAC (sorry if I missed it)? I am going to doing what @ptrel is doing. However, I bought a used Node 2i and am playing around with it too and will compare it to the computer. I am using Qobuz on the Node controlled by an ipad or iphone. I would suggest a good dac and then trying out streamers and comparing it to your computer to determine if you can hear a difference and what interface you like better. For me, the interface is important.

I used a Mac Mini combined with Audirvāna for years. I decided to try a Bryston BDP Pi / linear power supply to my DAC with a USB cable and that was better. For storage, I bought a SSD and I installed it into an empty case with a USB cable and plugged into my Pi. The Bryston software is a bit of a pain but with Rigelian, I can navigate it well enough and it sounds exponentially better than Roon. Bryston is working on a monumental software upgrade. Anyway, I saw a showroom demo Pi online for around $600.00.