I miss my Tubes

I have a Unison Unico and I am very happy with it, but I still miss my tubes. I just dont know which direction to go. I have very limited access to tube products where I live, so I will have to make a "leap of faith" in terms of a tube purchase. I have owned a couple of tube push/pull integrateds but, what I am trying to decide on is would I like to delve into the world of SET amps. I would like to go to tube monos, but they are a little price prohibited for any amount of watts. The only SET I have heard is a ASL 300B parrellel integrated and it was too wispy for me, so maybe a 845 SET, I just dont know. Maybe I should stay with push/pull monos. My speakers are Coincident S E III so, I can do what I want from that stand point( very efficent speakers). I like pop/rock, folk, some jazz and classical.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.
You could check out the Cayin TA-30 available from Audiogon member Bizzybee http://www.2baudio.com. I believe that damaged carton units can be had for as little as $599. Many options are available. BTW, I'm an equally satisfied Unico owner, but I've never had an all tube amplifier, so I still have some "audiophile curiousity".
I am in the process of buying my second Dared 845. They turn up here and on Ebay. I love it with the right tubes; the sound is better than my Music Reference RM-200. You'll pay 1000-1500 forone and another 100-200 to upgrade the tubes. Have fun.