I need a extension cord with

I have a dedicated 20 circuit. The problem is that it’s only a duplex box and since I went back to mono blocks, I need more outlets. 
Does someone sell a high ish end cord with a good duplex box or a good quad box on the end? It’s mostly going to be used for power amps, so I don’t need any conditioning.

Thanks all.


Depending on the wall construction of your listening environment, an electrician might be able to give you a quad box or added receptacles for not a ton of money. Maybe an hour or two of labor and minimal parts cost, assuming you use hospital-grade but not "audiophile" receptacles.

The raised galvanized steel 2 gang duplex cover is not good for sound.

I can/will suck the air out of the music.

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I gave that a serious thought, but this would be in our family room and my wife didn’t think it would look right. She’s probably right, but I don’t want to push my luck.😁