I need a good Preamp

My current system:
Preamp:           MAC C2300
Amps:              Krell FPB 350mcx mono blocks
Speakers:        B+W 801 Series II

My MAC C2300 just quit working and really I need it in another room to pair with a MAC MC452 once it gets repaired. So, I need suggestions on what will mate up well with my Krells? I would like to spend $8k or less but I would consider going higher. I am thinking a line stage even though I did use the phono on the MAC some. I plan to add a phono amp to my system later. I just play cds with this system. Reading on this forum I sort of lean towards a used ARC 5SE or maybe a Cary SLP05 but I am open to suggestions. There are no audio shops close to me so I will be buying without getting to demo anything. I'm not too knowledgeable on stereo gear so I need some help. Thanks for the responses.
I too have a McIntosh MC452 and had a McIntosh C50 (solid state) preamp, which I replaced with a C2500 (tube) unit, sounded a little sweeter than the C50...but then swapped out the stock tubes for a set of Genalex Gold Lions, once broken in, just sound so "musical".  The C2500 is a "keeper".  As this has recently been replaced with a C2600, you might pick up a good deal on one of the remaining C2500's.
Vac or an ARC Ref 5 se. Different voicing, so this is a personal choice

You first have to realize that spending more money on anything audio will not give you, "your better sound." You can spend a ton of money on two different automobiles sight-unseen, for example, and while both would demand quality and performance doesn't mean that they are both equal. You can end up with a Rolls Royce or maybe a Lamborghini, so did you get the drive that's right for you?

Combining apples and oranges may not be completely satisfying, like dropping the Rolls Royce engine into the Lamborghini.

l second mechans question to you, about what kind of sound you're hoping to achieve? If you're not sure, spend a couple of days at an Audio show. These, pop up all over the country.

IMO - Don't spend thousands of dollars until you have figured out what you like to drive.
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joinid, The PS Audio BHK does look like a worthy contender. I am looking into it. Thanks

knghifi, I appreciate your informative comments on the Krell amps. There is a 600 on here for sale right now but at 180 pounds but I am probably going to leave it alone. It is very tempting though. I love my 350s!

ejr1953, Thanks for comparing the C50 with the c2500. I was wondering how the ss mac pres stacked up against their tube stuff but I am going use the C2300 with the MC452. I am looking for something different to use with the Krells.

Kenny, good advice. I appreciate it.