I need a Marantz (or Denon flavor) AV8805 GEEK!!! (HEOS through HDMI?)

I have an 8805 on the way, and I am looking for a way to STREAM  O U T  of it, SPDIF or Optic like.

I have a device that can accept COAX or OPTICAL digital in, and would like to feed it with the streaming services I have on HEOS.  There is no DIG-OUT on the AV8805... except, kinda, the HDMI has digital out. So even if I can figure out how to get the DIGITAL data out of the AV8805, I still need to get it into either COAX or Optical signal.




No way to get Heos out of the 8805! I have an outboard dac that I plan to mate with a Blusound node 2 once usb is working on it , I currently use the XLR inputs form the Gustard dac to my 8805. I must say though if it were not for the Heos interface on the 8805 not being able to use my playlist I find it's sound very, very good . I do recommend you give Heos a try with the 8805 as you may find it to your liking.