I need a Pre-Amp What should I get?

I have B&W 804 speakers,subwoofer, Adcom SS amp, Cardas Cables and Rega P3 TT w/ 45MV cartridge. Looking for a tube Pre-Amp with MM capability!! I like jazz- Brubeck, bluegrass- Gerry Garcia and rock- stones,dead,REM. Keep price under $1500 please.
Conrad Johnson PV-10A or PV-10B. Used you could get any number of CJ preamps.
I have used BAT VK3i and CAT SL1 with SS amps successfully. If you need phono get the CAT, otherwise the BAT is a good deal at about $1k.
Look for a used Adcom pre-amp to match your Adcom amp. Do some research on the various models, and you should be able to find a good one for way under $1500.
I third the Conrad Johnson PV10B...Make sure it has a phone stage built in for your vinyl collection.
Bat vk-30 there is one that has come up for 1700 w/phono in the classified`s today. David