i need a universal remote for a cal icon mkII cd

hi all, i just discovered that the california audio labs icon mkII cd player that i was gonna get does not have a remote.

will any universal remote work for it?
if not how do i find one that will?

Check out Harmony's website.

They have surprised me with the gear they have codes for many times!
There are remote codes on remotecentral for various California Audio remote controls. Do you know what model remote can with the player? They have codes for CL-5, CL-10, CL-20 and CL-25. If you have the right codes you should be able to use most universal remotes.

From looking at some pictures on line it looks like it might be a CL-10. remotes.com has a replacement remote. I just found this site by searching - I know nothing about it.
The first CD player I ever bought was Technics 555 and that remote worked with my Icon II.