I need Hign compliance cartridges

Hi, could you tell me

some not very expensive high compliance cartridges (under 1000-1500 usd) MM and MC.  that suit for heavy tonearms. If you know exact figures please indicate them.

I know only that denon 103 is a high compliance mc cartridge.


Thank you very much




I have never known the Phasemation Cart' Model.

I am going to suggest it was a higher up the range model, maybe the 2000 as the resident system used is approx' £200000, using Soulution Amp's and Maxonic Field Coil Speakers.

The DS Audio Cart' demo'd was claimed to be their most expensive from this period of time, I again assume the Grandmaster. 

I have also had a very long demo' of a Phasemation EA 350 Phonostage used with Valve Amplification and QUad ESL's and have been left very impressed, it is one of a few SS Phon's  I have developed a real liking for, and would/still recommend it as a a model worth receiving a demo' if a SS Phon' in the $4K range was of interest to others.

They make interesting products, for sure. I have a 20x SUT from the Phase Tech days that is quite good.

What arm?

FYI not sure about the compliance but I assume Fidelity Research vintage MM's suit heavy arms.

Ortofon SPU's are a classic choice for heavy arms. EMT cartridges. I found my Shelter 501 is quite low compliance and works veery well in the heavy FR64s arm