I need info to have JM Labs Daline 6.1 repaired.

I'm assuming both 5" drivers are exactly the same. I'm also assuming both should sound the same when music is playing. If this is true, I have one dull driver that needs to be sent out or replaced. Where or who do I contact?
I also need to know the sensitivity of both the JM Daline 6.1's and the 3.1's (I have too may speakers. You'll be seeing the nicer ones for sale. These are just 'right' here). I can't find a manual or specifications online on these.
Before you spend a lot of money on this, there's a couple of things you can do first. Start off by removing one of the drivers. Carefully pull it out a couple of inches and look at the back of the driver. If the internal speaker cables are not soldiered to the speaker, you can just replace them yourself. Its very easy. Also, if you can remove the speakers, try swapping them out. (Put the 2 drivers from the right speaker into the left, and put the left drivers in the right speaker.) Doing that will confirm that the problem is definitely the driver, and not something else.

As far as buying new drivers, any Focal dealer should be able to get them for you.
1. Please make sure that driver you suspect isn't passive resonator.
2. Replacing a driver is similar to replacing an automobile wheel or simpler. If you can't do even-even that, than deliver your speakers to the nearest pro-audio shop and ask them to change the driver(that you've already ordered and received). No need to send it far away and worry about their road trip safety. Even unknown Mr. Johnny Tech will just be fine.
Make sure that you don't have a 2 1/2 way or 3 1/2 way design, in which two same size drivers are covering slightly different frequency ranges.
I also vote for Bill at Millersound; a phone call is well worth your time.
I've been away from the web. (Mom had an operation and I've been there. She has no web access and her area has no cell access). I want to thank all of you for the responses. I'll be following up later today.