I need more Funk

I've had two discs in my SACD lately that I just can't get enough of, Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters & Jeff Beck's Blow by Blow. These two discs never fail. So what other choices are out there? I want to hear incredible musicians playing exciting music on good recordings that don't bore me to death like some jazz I've been exposed to. I need to boogie so give me some suggestions.
Seems like you're aiming for a tight jazz/funk sound:

Check out "Funky Thide of Sings" by Billy Cobham, "Astral Pirates" by Lenny White and any of the James Brown stuff with Maceo, Pewee and the gang (the JB Horns, as referred to above). Great funky jazz played by great musicians.
You might enjoy "Romantic Warrior" by Return to Forever (corea, white, clark and dimeola), though it's more on the jazz side of things. For that matter the rest of the Hancock catalogue is pretty funky, esp. stuff like "Dis is da Drum". Happy listening.
Why not some James Brown? Probably the tightest rhythm section in popular music!
how about Maceo Parker "life on planet groove", and
remember to pass the peas, pass the peas!!!!!