I need more Funk

I've had two discs in my SACD lately that I just can't get enough of, Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters & Jeff Beck's Blow by Blow. These two discs never fail. So what other choices are out there? I want to hear incredible musicians playing exciting music on good recordings that don't bore me to death like some jazz I've been exposed to. I need to boogie so give me some suggestions.
Here's the coolist funky albums you'll ever hear!! As a Drummer and music listener for over 30 yrs these ones never fail to get my blood pumping and give me that tingle up and down my spine! Sneakin' Suspicion and Saskadephia by Jack Semple, Freddie King 1942-1976,Waiting for Columbus by Little Feat,The Gist of Gemini by Gino Vanelli,Level 42 Live!,and Gov't Mule-Live,With a Little Help From Our Friends email me ifyou check any of these out i'd love here what people think
Checkout Benard Allison's Funkafino. You can buy it from his website, as it is an import.
THE Funk album that my buds and I grooved to in 1974 was Graham Central Station's eponymous debut album. I played it for my Chili Pepper and Rage Against the Machine lovin' 15 year old the other day and blew his ferkin' lid.
These are by no means audiophile recordings...but for truly kick*ss funk...look no further than these comps:

"Bay area FUnk: 67-77"

"funky 16 corners"

Keb darge's "Legendary deep Funk vols 1-3"

"FUnk SPectrum"...various vols

"funkaphonix" various vols....

tough,greasy, and mean deep funk dont get no badder than this...get down soulbrothers!