I need new music....

I probably have narrow tastes. I listen to a lot of soft rock voals, like James Taylor, Jennifer Warnes, Mary Black, Joni Mitchell, and light jazz such as Four Play, Earl Klugh, Flim and the BB's, Pat Coil. My problem is that I haven't found much new music for awhile. Anyone out there have similar tastes and would suggest some of their favorite music? Thanks in advance for your input.
I apologize in advance if these are already known to you, but I'd throw out:

Eva Cassidy
Cowboy Junkies
Doug Macleod

When I am looking for new music, I go to allmusic.com, call up my favorite groups, and follow the hyperlinks to similar bands / artists.
There is so much good stuff out there I find it hard to keep up. Try going to http://www.pandora.com and type in your favorite artist. I'd be surprised if you didn't find some new stuff. Also, go to Amazon and find an artist you like. Pull up a favorite CD from that artist and look at the bottom for music lists from listeners that have similar tastes. Both of these keep me busy with new stuff. Good luck!
Go to Pandora radio, create a station naming the artist you like and they will play that artist and similar artists.

It's a start.

As a Mitchell fan, I find Beth Orton great. Lucinda Williams too
Art Garfunkel "Scissors Cut", Kelly Sweet "We Are One" and any thing from Tori Amos.
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