I need opinions, Schhit Freya+ and an appropriate Amp

I have read good things about Schiit’s Freya Pre amp. I am building a "not to expensive" 2 channel system. Have already purchased speakers, Klipsch Forte III’s..... love em!I am considering Shiits "Class A Like" Aegir amp, either one at 20 watts per or 2 at 80 watts per.....in monoblock.

The other thing I am considering is going with tubes and looking at a Rogue 90 or a Rogue Atlas Magnum amp.
Does anybody have opinions based in fact or experience but I am no looking to purchase anything ridiculously expensive or in need of a complete overhaul. And interestingly I came across a pair of Rogue Monoblock 120’s which looked interesting!
So let loose and advise...lastly, I have not heard anything yet and am currently driving my Klipsch with a 45 year old Marantz 1038B and it sounds fabulous......call me a plebian!
wolf, you react, as if you, personally, are being attacked. Take a chill pill..………..it is all about the music, and we, as listeners, are all individuals, with our own ideas, interpretations, opinions, experiences, etc. All good buddy. In fact, didn’t you tell me, at one point, to relax....I certainly have been....TY...Enjoy ! MrD.
mrdecibel...it generally amazes me when people utterly miss the harmless tone of what I think is obvious friendly relatively gonzo humor in some of my posts..."so I’ll continue to be testy and defensive when perceiving tube aspersions have been cast"...like that...I’m not always intentionally ridiculous, but often I am, if only (or in some cases clearly) for my own enjoyment, and since that’s why I bother to write any responses at all it’s likely gonna continue regardless of any heads being flown over.
 I am new to this audiophile game (although I have collected music for 40 years), but in the past 6 months, I found a Marantz 2238B in very nice condition and I am totally hooked on vintage Marantz receivers. I currently have the Marantz running through large Advent (original) Loudspeakers that were resored by Bill Legall at Millersound. These are my main (front) speakers, and I am using Klipsch RF-3 iis as my side speakers. This combination sounds way better than anything I have ever had before. When I first got the Marantz, I was using ADS L990 speakers. Those sounded good, but both the Klipsch speakers and the restored Advents blow it away and have relegated the ADS speakers to the bench.