I Need Some Opinions...

I have a modest turntable setup consisting of a Pro-Ject RM 5.1SE with the stock 9cc carbon arm. I use it through a Project Phono Box II SE and use a Pro-Ject Speed Box II SE. The preamp is connected to my Krell 400xi integrated driving Hales Revelation 3 speakers. I am still using the Sumiko Blue Point No.2 which came with the table.

My thought is I could likely improve the performance of this setup by changing cartridges; looking for more detail I THINK a LOMC might be a good idea. Is this a correct thought?

I am considering a Goldring Eroica LX for this setup. Any ideas if this will get me what I’m after? 

Would I be able to reap more benefits from a much better (i.e. more expensive) LOMC or would my current system make such a purchase meaningless?

Thanks for any input.
Bob, thanks for the reply.  I’ve gotten a lot of advice which I need to ponder.  I guess I need to determine what I truly want from my analog system.  Do I tweek what I have, change cartridges or start over from scratch and go big lol.  I have a lot to think about.  I appreciate all the input and am learning a lot.
dorkwad has it right about the Audible Illusions equipment. The only reason for parting with the Modulus 3A was the lack of a remote control. Great equipment at a great price.
I don't know your tonearm but if it's low mass you probably can't go better than a Grado MI. 
Instead of farting around with tweaks ( not saying you cannot do that later) get right to the chase, just replace blue point with the Hana EL. I had the blue point and replaced it with the EL and it was a world of difference. The Hana is $475. Go and read the review at positivefeedback....the guy replaced the bluepoint on the project classic sb with the hana and it was night and day. Hooked up to the musical surroundings phenomena 11+ and it’s a dream. Don’t get me wrong, that bluepoint is quite nice, but it is a high output moving coil. I’m still using my hana el and I’ve no need to upgrade to anything else. It produces a sublime sound to me, and well, others with far more trained ears agree, Herb Reichert for one! Yea, you can spend almost twice as much for the SL with shibata stylus, but prepare to be bogged down with trying to align it, and honestly will only provide a small improvement. All my own opinion 😁
delos is an overkill for any project table. Try a nagaoka mp200 mm and you cannot go wrong