I need speakers for low volume listening -

I looking for input/suggestions for speakers (prefer) bookshelf/stand mount that sound good at low volume levels. They unfortunately will have to be within 2 feet or so from rear wall.
Thanks to everyone for the responses - I've not heard Harbeth but will try to find a location to audition them.
Omega makes some nice single driver monitors that are very good at low volumes and the Merlin TSM's are excellent two way monitors that are a sealed box design and sound great at lower volumes.
Honest1, I have a pair of Angelus for the living room with tubes and love them. Love the whole line. What do you recommend with NAD that sounds similar for small room 11x10?
BrianV - if you love the Angelus, you will certainly like the TC50. Not as extended on top or bottom, but richer mid-upper bass, compared to the ANgelus. I have found them to sound good with everything from a Harmon Kardon to Pass Labs Aleph3 to JJ828. They will reveal the differences between electronics, but never seem to sound bad with anything.
Unfortunately the TC50s are to big for my application. I have had them and loved them. They were wonderful even for 2.1 movies.