I need SS muscle

After thinking long and hard about a speaker change, I've decided to keep my VR4 HSE's and relieve one of my cary V12's
(one powers L & R upper units and another powers the L & R lower units)and power the bass units with a good SS amp.
If i'm going to go through the expense of another amp, I want a decent used one in good condition. Brands that come to mind are Bryston,Classe,Levinson Krell and Mac right off the bat.
Does anyone have any models of these brands or others that would offer good synergy with my current setup and enough watts for the power hungry bass units(maybe 2 ohm load at certain freq's)
For low frequencies, the Odysseys are an obvious choice; Bryston comes next.
I would second (or third) the Symphonic Line -- but they are unnecessarily expensive -- IMO, a waste -- for the intended use.
Check into Sim amps. Also Edge. Good suggestions above too. Good luck and have fun with your search.
I also second your idea of using a SS amp for the bass. I haven't found a tube amp yet that does bass as well as the Simaudio W5.
I have VR4.5's with tubes (Thor TPA-60) powering the mid/uppers and a Simaudio W5 powering the bass modules.
The W5 has beaten out a lot of SS amps in my setup including the Parasound JC-1.

Why not simply buy a very nice sub? it should run you less money than some of these amps listed here and be an easier task to integrate, especially if the sub comes with any integration tools, eg., Velodyne, Phathom, Revel, etc.

I know I put my Krell KAV 250 on a pair of those speakers and in a room about 18x22 ? I was not impressed.I wasn't too impressed with those units anyhow, though their lack of bass performance was significantly noticed.

Another tact might be to sell the V12 and go with another amp altogether. As the mentioned Odysseys are pretty good value and have decent bass output, I've been more than suprised by this butler multi ch amp running in 2 ch.

The Butler simply outclasses my Odyseey Stratos Plus plus by some good ways. A good ways. Interestingly enough the initially most noticed area was in the bass dept. Remarkable. My sonata IIIs are reportedly more eff than the VSA 4's, but not as benighn as the 4s. Consequently, getting very good bass out of them means using a smallish room, or more power. The TDB 5150 in 2ch outputs over 200wpc into 8, and over 300 into 4, and remains stable into 2.

it's been an interesting enough exp so far, about a month or so, that I've actually thought of doing the TDB 2250, were I to pull the trigger on another amp for expressly 2ch operations.

If your running that Cary primarily in ultra mode, the TDB 2250 might be just the ticket for you and it's not an expensive amp... and no tubes to roll or bother with. Just throw a good pc on it and you're off! Articulate, resolving, powerful with fine extension on both ends and yeah, there's that significant bass impact too.

.. or there's that sub thingy.

those twin tweeters will definitely like the butler. having had the 4JRs I can atest to that and understand why you chose the V12. BTW imaging is near tactile with the Butler 5150 with far less power than it's bigger sibling, the 2250..