I need SS muscle

After thinking long and hard about a speaker change, I've decided to keep my VR4 HSE's and relieve one of my cary V12's
(one powers L & R upper units and another powers the L & R lower units)and power the bass units with a good SS amp.
If i'm going to go through the expense of another amp, I want a decent used one in good condition. Brands that come to mind are Bryston,Classe,Levinson Krell and Mac right off the bat.
Does anyone have any models of these brands or others that would offer good synergy with my current setup and enough watts for the power hungry bass units(maybe 2 ohm load at certain freq's)
The NRG 401 just popped up for sale:400W/ch.Will drive a 1 ohm load.Doubles down to 2 ohm/1600W.Had this under a pair of ATM 3s,driving subs.It was represented to me as being the "poor mans' KRAFT.I can't image going wrong with that beast.
How far are you from that dealer?? Shipping would be murder,as it is in the 100LBS+ range.
I bought a Mac MC352,Hope it fits the bill. It should get good resale value if it does'nt. Post with results after I get it and put it into action.