I nominate this company as building best speakers!

Anyone here heard or own Stenheim Alumine Three. Just heard it in an Burmeister System. Streaming music. This speaker sounds like live music. Not cheap but not insane. Save your money boys and girls! 😁
@kw6 , yes, by all accounts these are excellent and at $30K not a terrible deal in the world of high end dynamic speakers. They will still need subwoofers and 100 watt class A mono amps. If space is limited I think they are a great choice. However, Sound labs 545's are a better speaker at a lower price and they do not take up that much more space as they are only 24" wide. Soundlabs speakers are also immortal. You have to shoot them to stop them. The Sound Labs will be more detailed, are subject to much less room interaction and will produce a more life sized sound stage. They will still require subwoofers for the best performance.
@faxer , Having owned Apogee Diva's for six years I can tell you that I have never been so vexed by a loudspeaker. But at the bottom of it all is ribbon speakers are easy to damage and very unreliable. Even Magnepan's vaunted ribbon tweeter is subject to blowing. They have an ongoing tweeter replacement program. This issue was one of the reasons Apogee died. If you look online you will notice a that replacement ribbons are sold alongside ribbon tweeters. Replacing a 6 foot tweeter ribbon is quite an experience. Only the factory can replace a woofer ribbon. Because there are great and very reliable ESLs available there is no reason to go for ribbon speakers.
02-17-2021 7:49pm
Ohm Walsh are still the best for me.  
Why?  Because they keep me listening for hours and I have to pull myself away no matter what is playing.   Also they do not cost a fortune even for a large room.  Even better!

Well done Mapman!!!  I feel that away about my Thiels!
Kw6 - I am not going to badmouth another company however based on your response I need to tell you that I have heard the Steinem Speakers and they do not have no where’s near the transparency nor the dynamic capabilities of the GT Audioworks speakers. Again they’re short fall no matter how well the cabinet is made is an enclosure which produces an asymmetrical waveform which is not desirable as it stores energy in the cabinet and produces in room anomalies. The other problems obviously are the fact that these are conventional drivers no matter how well produced will also store energy and not be released as quickly as the sophisticated planar magnetic membrane that is used in the GT speakers. Additionally you have the problem of a crossover no matter how well designed or what parts or utilized it will rob transparency and cause amplifier inefficiency, not to mention the inherent phase shift and time delay errors that result.
if you saw the beginning of the promotional video you saw the review from Stereophile which indicated that the speakers can go toe to toe with any loudspeaker system cost no object granted you have to keep in mind that GT Audioworks works has not given Stereophile magazine any money with respect to advertising so this is strictly an honest review.
We have customers all over the country who have purchased the speakers and they are the best testament to what they can do I can provide this information to you so you can speak with them directly if you so desire. However, you are more than welcome to audition the speakers when you feel comfortable.