I nominate this company as building best speakers!

Anyone here heard or own Stenheim Alumine Three. Just heard it in an Burmeister System. Streaming music. This speaker sounds like live music. Not cheap but not insane. Save your money boys and girls! 😁
If there was a BEST SPEAKER, I suppose i wouldn't have a timbre matched 5.2.4 multichannel music setup and 6 other pairs of very different types of speakers for stereo (that also cost an arm and a leg). But, you are truly a fortunate soul to have found the best speaker!! 
Stenheim makes the finest speakers. I have in stock Alumine 2 SE, Alumine 3 in light and dark grey and 3 pair of Alumine 5 and 5 se. I also have the Reference Ultime 2 and 3 Active. sunnyaudiovideo.com

Stenheim Alumine 3 vs Rockport Atria II (or Avior ll) vs YG Acoustics Hailey 2.2 vs Von Schweikert Endeavor SE vs Borresen 03 vs Magico A5 (the “giant killer”).

Which one? Why? Which one has the most holographic sound??