I nominate this company as building best speakers!

Anyone here heard or own Stenheim Alumine Three. Just heard it in an Burmeister System. Streaming music. This speaker sounds like live music. Not cheap but not insane. Save your money boys and girls! 😁

Wow you are a marketing guys dream Rick, sold with out ever hearing them, based on a wordsmiths musings.


Hi Bache,

When I first saw Stenheim with their Aluminium boxes which btw are not as inert as Magico, I thought sterile colorless sound but the sound is alive with great tone and it sounded closest to live music. Before Stenheim my favorite was Acapella Cellini. The strings to can sense the rosin. Same room right beside Alumine 3 the famous Sonus Faber $20k made with solid wood sounded dark and closed in more like dead haha. My point is I want cake it doesn’t matter what you use to make it, as I know you like bamboo which is fine, but the speaker will be judged on its final sound into the room. I never heard your speakers hope they are doing well. Btw I heard QLN no beuno!☺️