I really wanted to dislike D'Agostino

I do a lot of trash talking here so I wanted to say something positive.  I find it especially hard to find things to like in gear that seems priced too high for the actual performance, and am happy to steer listeners to more affordable and often better sounding gear. For many reasons,I really wanted to dislike D'Agostino. This included previous listening to Dan era Krell, espeically with B&W speakers, was just never that good.  Perfectly, clinically sounding electronics.  The Audio Research (again vintage not modern) of Solid State.

When I first saw D'Agostino, I thought to myself that gear that looks that good can't sound very good.  Large bare copper, and big nods to watch making aesthetics were just too calculated to hook and reel me in.   Evoking both horology and espresso making at it's finest.

I have to say that my listening experience with modern Wilson speakers was a totally and completely different experience from what I expected.  Sweet, clean, musical, deep, extended.  I'd happily sit and listen to that for a very very long time.

Honestly to my ears the sound of the modern D'Agostino was so far and distant from the Krells I had heard so long ago it was a huge relief and surprise.  Nicely done.  I'm sorry I doubted the brand at all. 
I love vintage krell. Not analytical at all to my ears. It sounds best with tube preamps.

Maybe that's exactly the part I was missing.
I do understand Bob ! I’ve heard d’Agostino several times and it’s not my stuff. First on S.Faber speakers : so clinical without any “feelings” for the music. On B&W it was even worse : no clarity, never to the point : I couldn’t empathize with the music.  For me : Ear, Wavac, Jadis,... en than you world opens up. This is my personal opinion.
Strange there are opinions here that Dan era Krell was poor and D'Agostino Dan is great.
It's the same man!

After more than a century, I don't think there's much more to learn about audio amps.  With green issues now in the forefront, the golden era has probably passed.

My 80s Krell KRS200s still sound great after full refurbishment and re-capping 10 years ago.  My big system amps for 30 years now.  No substitute for pure Class A and 2kW a side going in from the wall.  But I agree they sound better with a valve pre.  Mine is Audio Research Ref 6, so I shall no doubt hear from some myopics that my ears are funny.


I like what I heard from the D'Agostino amp/Wilson speaker combination.  I've heard that setup at several shows, so it seems to be recognized as a good match in the same way Wilson's were often matched with Spectral a while ago.

I have not given Audio Research a serious listen to in a while, but, I never liked the lean, harmonically bleached sound of both their tube linestages and amplifiers; I would take solid state over their stuff and I am a tube person.  It is all a matter of taste, and they just don't fit me.