I really wanted to dislike D'Agostino

I do a lot of trash talking here so I wanted to say something positive.  I find it especially hard to find things to like in gear that seems priced too high for the actual performance, and am happy to steer listeners to more affordable and often better sounding gear. For many reasons,I really wanted to dislike D'Agostino. This included previous listening to Dan era Krell, espeically with B&W speakers, was just never that good.  Perfectly, clinically sounding electronics.  The Audio Research (again vintage not modern) of Solid State.

When I first saw D'Agostino, I thought to myself that gear that looks that good can't sound very good.  Large bare copper, and big nods to watch making aesthetics were just too calculated to hook and reel me in.   Evoking both horology and espresso making at it's finest.

I have to say that my listening experience with modern Wilson speakers was a totally and completely different experience from what I expected.  Sweet, clean, musical, deep, extended.  I'd happily sit and listen to that for a very very long time.

Honestly to my ears the sound of the modern D'Agostino was so far and distant from the Krells I had heard so long ago it was a huge relief and surprise.  Nicely done.  I'm sorry I doubted the brand at all. 
Yep. I first heard D'Agostino Momentum electronics with large Wilsons at a major metro dealer. It made me go back to the drawing board in terms of my own system (Pass/KEF Blades).  I've now got Dan's Momentum HD preamp and S250 stereo amp along with the Momentum Phono amp and couldn't be happier. Didn't go with the Wilson speakers though. Instead Sonus Faber Aidas sound lovely paired with the D'Agostino electronics. I couldn't be more pleased -- I'm done with the equipment merry-go-round.
You didn't like the sound of krell because you never heard it with the right preamp. I couldn't even listen to my krell amp with solid state preamps, at least the ones in my price range, but with a tube preamp it sounds great.

I have to admit I have only heard full Krell stacks, and that this could very well be possible.

I have heard other tube pre/ss amp combos which were stellar, especially with ESL speakers. 
Earlier this year I gotta great deal on a pair of Progression mono blocks after owning several AR amps over the years latest being the 150 se and all I have to say is WOW.Not going back to tube amps after installing these!
I have to admit I have only heard full Krell stacks, and that this could very well be possible.
Really!!! now you think it's time to bring that up!!
Great!! so why start this Krell damaging thread, you put **** on the Krell poweramps when you have no idea if it was them, or the Krell Preamp!! or the Krell Dac!! or the Krell Transport!! Just like you did with Pass Labs gear.
You good at picking a brand and trying to bring it down, too many times now you done just that, give up, and just keep promoting your Lux, Ayre products. 
I currently have two of the Krell amps in the iBias XD series and having had two FPB cx models beginning in 2001 I can state these new amps are every bit as good if not better then the “muscle cars” of the early 2000’s. And most people don’t know this, but Dan had nothing to do with the design and development of the coveted FPB cx series. It was David Goodman who is still with Krell and responsible for this incredible new technology deployed in the XD series.