I remember Jesse Penna today

Jesse was a Navy Corpsman serving with the Marine Corps in Viet Nam. He lost his life serving his country and his fellow man. It was 1968 and Jesse and I would sit in the barracks and sing along with Janis Joplin "Piece Of My Heart" We were a mess. I remember him today and many other days. I thank God that I am home today free and healthy and with my family. I remember all who served and didn't make it home. God bless America.
I am hopeful that your buddy is up there or wherever looking out for you and watching over you. Rhyno's words are soo true. My dad is 91 and was at Pearl Harbor for the clean up after 12/7/41  -  he still talks about it and the guys he was with. He doesn't remember what he had for breakfast - be has never forgotten those friends. Rec - live your life well for your buddy .....peace   
Jesse ,my high school is building a Viet Nam Memorial to honor the boys of the 60's who didn't make it home. There were 22 of them from my high school with my class, 1966 having the highest number.They will  have a veteran's wall. I am going to place your name and my name on separate bricks. I know on a Summer's night if one listens closely they will hear you and me singing Janis at the top of our lungs...I will never forget my brother.
Jesse, it's been 51 years since we sang "Piece of My Heart" In many ways it seems like yesterday even though it's been a lifetime. I will never forget my brother...I honor your memory and think of you often but most acute on the day.