I remember Jesse Penna today

Jesse was a Navy Corpsman serving with the Marine Corps in Viet Nam. He lost his life serving his country and his fellow man. It was 1968 and Jesse and I would sit in the barracks and sing along with Janis Joplin "Piece Of My Heart" We were a mess. I remember him today and many other days. I thank God that I am home today free and healthy and with my family. I remember all who served and didn't make it home. God bless America.
I was just sitting out on the back porch watching the gentle rain come down, an unusual occurrence here in "tornado alley" in the Spring. I thought of another day long ago when you and I sang along with Janis. How we loved her music. Jesse you are on my mind this Memorial Day like so many other days as well. I honor your memory and I will never forget you my brother.
Another year my brother. I think of you often, especially on this day. A year like no other. I will never forget Jesse, the days are getting shorter now but I will always remember our time together and  how we sang along with Janis so long ago...
Hey Rec  - I was getting worried about you as I told my wife earlier today that I did not see your post today. Thank you and especially Jesse once again on this day for your services. Stay well …..     

The years are coming faster now Jesse, I am thinking of you on this day my brother. Janis is singing and you and I are trying to keep up with her in the background. I will never forget for all the days of my life.

Jesse, another year my friend, like so many days I am thinking of you today. More acute today on Memorial Day. Looking back and thinking of those days listening to Janis and straining our voices. Will play her today and sing at the top of my lungs and in my heart I will hear you next to me. I'll never forget my brother.