I remember Jesse Penna today

Jesse was a Navy Corpsman serving with the Marine Corps in Viet Nam. He lost his life serving his country and his fellow man. It was 1968 and Jesse and I would sit in the barracks and sing along with Janis Joplin "Piece Of My Heart" We were a mess. I remember him today and many other days. I thank God that I am home today free and healthy and with my family. I remember all who served and didn't make it home. God bless America.
Sitting here playing Piece of My Heart for you Jesse. What a song! I miss you and wish you were here. Too many years Jesse, we were so young. I pray for all who went and those who didn't come back. I still believe we did the right thing and I know the men over there today believe the same.

Somehow the music makes it all easier. I raise my glass to you and play Janis one more time. We could never hit those high notes could we?
We salute you, brothers. May the Lord have mercy on your souls. Thanks to all of you.
Thank you Jesse, Janis is playing, I don't care how many years it's been I'll never forget. Thank you all that served and all that waited and supported us, we all share a Piece Of My Heart.
Brother Jesse, another year, miss you more with each passing year. Remember how we loved the music? There will never be another Janis. Thank you for all that served and waited for us to come home. I'll play "Piece Of My Heart" for all of us tonight.