I remember Jesse Penna today

Jesse was a Navy Corpsman serving with the Marine Corps in Viet Nam. He lost his life serving his country and his fellow man. It was 1968 and Jesse and I would sit in the barracks and sing along with Janis Joplin "Piece Of My Heart" We were a mess. I remember him today and many other days. I thank God that I am home today free and healthy and with my family. I remember all who served and didn't make it home. God bless America.
I recently received an e-mail of what dead rock stars would look like today if they would have survived. There was one of Janis and I immediately thought of you Jesse. I can still see her singing Piece of My Heart and I can still see you and me singling along with her. On this special day like many other days I remember you my friend.
Wonderful and heart filled post. Rec, your faithful tributes are inspiring. I am about to head out the door to visit my father's grave, WW II vet. I will lay some flowers and take a picture for my 94 year old mother who is unable to go to the cemetery.
Elton John's song, "Talking Old Soldiers" comes to mind this morning, a poignant lyrical portrait of an old man whose long time comrades in arms have gone on to the world to come.

"I know what they're saying son
There goes old man Joe again
Well I may be mad at that
I've seen enough to make a man go out his brains
Well do they know what it is like
To have a graveyard as a friend
'Cause that's where they are boy, all of them
Don't seem likely I'll get friends like that again"

Thank God for those who have given their "last full measure of devotion"
I recently saw Bob Dylan and one of his encores was "Blowin In The Wind" It struck me how relevant the song was still today. Thinking of you today Jesse, I will never forget...
Another Memorial Day Jesse, I remember you this day and many others. Recently saw a Janis special on PBS and she sang "Piece of My Heart" I remembered our fractured version we sang together when the song was new. I'll never forget you Jesse.