I saw the back of an integrated and it depressed me.

Recently took a look at an ad for a Technics SU-G700M2 integrated amplifier, and honestly it made me a little sad for me, my hobby and the gear I ended up with.

When I "wore a younger man's shoes" I needed inputs! I was going to have a turntable, a Tandberg reel to reel and cassette player, and that new fangled CD player would be there as well. 

This new integrated has 5 digital inputs and 2 analog inputs... and anyway I just want to drink while playing Billy Joel radio on my Roon streamer.


I have all my digital plugged into the DAC so the output uses one of the analog inputs and that only leaves one more set for the turntable, cassette deck and the reel to reel to share.

 I feel your pain.

I'm sure the Technics is great , but you are seeing less and less legacy inputs.  It is kind of unusual that it only has two RCA inputs.   

Not all amps are void of inputs. The rear panel of my new Cyrus amp has it all !   And it sounds good too.   Cyrus says it's focus was to have a great analog section foremost .  The fact it has a great sounding  DAC is a bonus.  Four analog inputs plus Phono , 2 Coax, 2 Tos, and USB.  Plus two sets of speaker jacks,  Tape Out, Pre Out ....  Amazing amp , it is literally the size of a shoebox and half the height but sounds like a real big boy full sized component.  A killer little amp 

If you drink a full glass of wine bottom-up and light-up cigar, you will get rid of depression -- guaranteed!

An accident caused a seemingly uber-fragile screen on a flat screen TV to break the other day, necessitating a new TV.
Bought an LG at the store, set it up, realized that it had zero analog inputs.
Our DVD/VHS player is YPbPr & RCA output.
Some stuff is only viewable on DVD and/or VHS.

I’m quite aware that these are problems of privileged people, ultimately trivial, and making too big a deal of them sounds like whining.

Technology is great.
However, when it comes to consumer products, sometimes…not so much.

You can buy a box that converts what your vhs player uses to convert to hdmi for your flatscreen for under $25.00 from Amazon.   

You mentioned a broken screen, and I have a story for you:  my brother broke the screen on his 5 week old Sony  mini led 70 something inch screen.  He paid $2500 for the set.   There was a bat flying around his living room so he tried to catch it with an aluminum pole fishing net.  He whacked the wall mounted TV and shattered the screen.  Warranty didn’t cover it and the screens are built not to be replaced.  He was out the whole $2500. Sony told him to pretty much “pound sand”.

Most people who will buy it won't need those two RCA inputs. Now, why do I think that I cannot possibly be interested in Technics, including their turntables ? Belt drive will always be better, you just need to know how to design and build one.

"Our DVD/VHS player is YPbPr & RCA output.
Some stuff is only viewable on DVD and/or VHS."

I'm sorry, but you really have to join the 21st century.

It's not reasonable to expect manufacturers to pander to technology dinosaurs that refuse to adapt. Besides, video is no different than audio in that getting the highest possible quality is a worthy endeavour.


I don’t see the issue , buy a better brand and then get the inputs or whatever you 

want , like myself being semi retired you may have to save , or buy separates.

Soon enough there will be brain implants available that will completely change things. Say warm welcome to 21st century. Can you imagine what awaits in 22nd century? 

What awaits in the 21st century won't include seafood (other than farm grown...maybe), most current waterfront towns, birds, smokeless air...brain implants? There will be fewer people so there's that.

@nonoise ....It's always a slow daze Somewhere....

I just never seem to be There ever....cursing at being apparently cursed....😒


@ Dear Friends.....Yes, there seems to be a dearth of anal IMEAN Analog inputs on the current trends...
If one peruses the back flank of the current AV multi-pound (weight, not currency) deceiver there are more f/m inputs than the Chicken Ranch of TX and ZZT infamy could conceive NO desire....(more to the 'point', yes...).

Precisely Why......I've kept my 6x6 analog matrix switchbox...

...and the more or less semi-sorta-sota digital av digital + analog switcher as well.

I will take them to the Next Unreality with me.

Don't bother digging.

I'm going to be dissolved, and poured into the French Broad River.

In a relative(ly) short time span I Will Be Everywhere on this planet.

You will be able to look to the cloud above you constantly.

Just desserts... Make mine whine with a 'left-handed twist' non-cigar...pulease... ;)

you really have to join the 21st centuryvideo is no different than audio in that getting the highest possible quality is a worthy endeavour.”

Is that so?  

O, thoust eminence, my benefactor tony1954!
But for thy wisdom eternal, and guidance henceforth,
should I be cast to disrepute!

Unfortunately, I anticipated a comment such as yours.  
I opted to post my relevant-to-the-OP anecdote anyway under the (apparently naive) notion that maybe, just maybe, people wouldn’t be so predictably douchey.

Congrats on being “that guy.”





The fact that you anticipated this response can only be seen as a validation of its accuracy.


The only ’digital’ component in my system is my Sony HAPZ1ES music server, and it has analog outputs! I don’t stream any music and I don’t use ’clouds’ to store any content. The only other source player in my system is a Technics SL1500C TT.  My audio system is strictly for playing music. I’m an old school audiophile and proud to wear the title.

BTW, there are manufacturers who still believe in analog. Vincent Audio makes excellent audio gear that caters to the analog crowd. The McIntosh C49 preamp blends the best of both worlds by offering an upgradable DAC along with 7 analog and 6 digital inputs. 


Yeah.  I know how you feel.

I was in the Apple store the other day and noticed the new iMacs don't have a floppy drive built in.  I've got a full 104k of usable data on those disks, and no way to use them! I stomped out the store, made my way back to my 1966 Sunbeam Tiger Mk1A sitting in the parking lot, cranked down the windows, shoved it in first gear, engaged the clutch, did a (quite juvenile, I must say) burn out, and drove home.

"I-n-t-e-g-r-a-t-e-d" means just that.  But how many things do we need to "integrate" and ignore legacy devices?


"An accident caused a seemingly uber-fragile screen on a flat screen TV to break the other day, necessitating a new TV."

We had a plasma TV come into our shop years ago for repair with a bullet hole through the screen.  I decided to exercise my First Amendment Right, keep my mouth shut, and not ask any questions.  I believe the cost of a new panel was more than the replacement cost of the TV.  We kept it around for a while, just because.

@campoly *L*  Well, not just yet.... ;)

No particular rush to make that Great Leap into the Unknown Infinite...and so there's still time to play 'Plugs 'n Cables' with my finite pile of Stuff...


"Let's see....red to red, white to white, black to.....Purple?!"


"....great balls of fire....didn't need that finger, anyway...."

'Floppy drive'...sounds like the Sunbeam trans needs a new clutch... 😏

Cute cars, they wuz....

GTI - MK5 knew clutch installation starting next week. I’ve been known to redlines that little girly beast. 😬

GTI - MK5 knew clutch installation starting next week. I’ve been known too redline thee little girly beast. 🤓

That technics integrated is a special amp.

I can’t see it in my man cave driving my stats or coexisting with all my turntables and tape decks but in my bedroom where I only stream , I’d love it.

If I were a broke 20 something year old today, I’d put all my money into something like that technics, a great pair of cheap, vintage speakers and subscribe annually to apple tunes.

No need to be depressed !

fwiw, I think they’ll come out with an updated version of the amp in another year, save up your paper route money.

That’s funny!  
It sounds like the person exercised their Second Amendment rights, as well as their Elvis Presley rights.

Yeah, I found a used pre-pro for my AV system for all the legacy ports. Around 2010 vintage they had both plenty of analog and HDMI during the transition period. Picked a manufacturer known for signal quality and product longevity. And for less than one fourth of the original price.

Lots of little boxes on Amazon will convert your legacy RCAs to digital (and back). But will it eventually all go to wireless? No ports at all!

@waytoomuchstuff “…I was in the Apple store the other day and noticed the new iMacs don't have a floppy drive built in. …”



I was looking at my smartphone the other day and realized what the H-ll happened to the dial with the numbers on it, not to mention the crank and that loud oscillating tone you used to get when you lost your connection?  

You should have looked at a luxman 4 RCA inputs a phono rcs and 1 xlr balanced input. Also a line (tape) out and monitor. Then a pre out but no digital at all. And it's class A.... 


So behind the times...... Haha

I replaced a old Nikko 7075 with a Outlaw Audio RR2160MKll,  best decision I ever made.  Plenty of Analog inputs also has digital inputs, 2 sub inputs, Analog Bass Control.  It's a Class A/B, Also has AM/FM HD, Internet Radio and a streaming app.  Sounds Amazing too (with my speakers. I use it 2.1 setup sometimes 4.1 when it's cocktail time and want to get the Led out. I understand when people say technology ruined things and I agree to a point.  For Example, my wife and I went over friends house for food and drinks well lots of drinks, (we did stayed over)  It was a big get together, 3/4 of everyone was on there fracking cell phones.  I yelled out "hey we haven't scene each other in a year!  Lets try to stay off the phones for a hour!"   When we left the next morning I said lets put our phones in a bag when everyone comes over? 

To the OP's point, I had one of those "moments" when McIntosh added digital inputs to their 2-channel preamps -- WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!  It was a depressing moment for sure.  My concept of "legacy" gear, or modern versions of marketing  "legacy" gear, was that the piece would never become obsolete.  Low level inputs, MM/MC phono stages, etc. have stood the test of time, and like the tune Yesterday, will probably still be relevant 50 years from now.  "Digital" is a moving target.  And, like the Apple floppy drive, we'll look back and remember the current digital processing as being as useful today as a fax machine.  The trick is how to design around obsolesce, making upgrades doable, without performance issues.  This has been the challenge in "upgradable gear" for quite some time.

So, yes, OP, I had my moment.  


’Floppy drive’...sounds like the Sunbeam trans needs a new clutch... 😏

Cute cars, they wuz...."

I’m on my second clutch. Did you hack my surveilence system and watch me doing the clutch replacement? You’d be suprised how often onlookers use the term "cute" to desscribe my car. It’s not exactly what we’re going for here with a hand-built dual-quad 347. There’s a British Car show tomorrow in St. Louis. I am purposely not shaving for a few days prior. I’m hoping a burly dude standing next to the Tiger will discourage others from using the "C-word’ when describing my car.

The "floppy drive" reference may be a more accurate reference these days to date night.


"GTI - MK5 knew clutch installation starting next week. I’ve been known too redline thee little girly beast. 🤓"

"Little GTI .... you’re really lookin' fine. Direct injection and a 6-speed ... and a turbo-charged 2 liter." (Okay, failed at 2 liter rhythming thing). We had a GTI in the family, and my daily driver (178k miles) is a (manual transmisson) Audi A4.


If i hit my 65 inch LG CX TV with a pipe it would drive me batty  So I bought a new 2019 Honda Civic Type R  and I spent over 20 minutes looking for the CD player There is none! Now it's Apple Play or Android auto only I love all it's features, but do miss the CD player I guess I'm an old sole in a new world

A buddy residing in the great state of Louisiana owns a S4. Turbo charged, stage one tune and a few other under-the-hood aftermarket high performance additions. December of last year I flew back and had the luxury of driving his S4.

The suspension and ride of an A4 is great, if only the base model wasn't so underpowered.  The Q4 I believe used the same engine with even more weight to haul.  (( sigh ))

The suspension and "Quattro handling" of an A4 is great, if only the base model wasn’t so underpowered.

Precisely my thoughts when comparing around 525 horsepower of S4 @erik_squires.



Buy a McIntosh preamp or Integrated they have lots of inputs for anything you could need.  

@waytoomuchstuff    In your day job you wouldn't be known as Maxwell Smart, would you? My first ever car was a '67 Sunbeam Alpine in french racing blue. Being the lowly four banger I flogged it mercilessly and, miraculously, never heard a whimper out of it. Boy would I have loved having that small block 260 V/8 to play with.


That was my TV. I shot some NASTY dude speaking too often about overpopulation from TV screen in ravaging anger.

Buyers remorse? Can always sell, buy, change, upgrade…

But listen first- would be great if you report on sonic differences digital vs analog inputs. Could be fun.

...got destructed  Distracted by the day.....'Full moon Fried daze'll do yah....🙄

@waytoomuchstuff ...if 'cute' offends, then 'girly beast' ?! 

Don't just '5 o'clock shadow'...go 'all-out HULK' on 'em....green-tinged visible skin....practice the 'going to go beast' rapid breathing....pre-shred clothing....

(Gotta be good @ it..."Even Barbie drives a 'vette, guy....*hmpth*" might be heard....*tease*)

...heard even the 260s' spark plugs needed reverse joints in ones' hands and a taste for hot metal if done at roadside....

Anyway...pet the Lotus' about for me....*sigh*

'....always a best man, never the groom...'  Closest was missing an Elan in a auction; $950 for one with no hood from an engine fire...all else There....f'k.

Floppy disc vs. d**k:  Age now...fix-able to some degrees, timing counts. 👍

'Back when'? :Your karma was giving you a close encounter not to be ignored.

That's how too many of 'us' ended up being called 'daddy'.

I paid Attention to that...have none that want 'daddy in a home where they'll Take Care of him....'


@mapman....I grew up with 'party lines'; never could distinguish who we were partying with, but ...rotatory phones were frustrating when one would try to call in on a 'third caller wins!' radio scam contest....tried contra-rotation once, dial broke...

"HEY!  What's happened to the phone!?"

'...the dog did it...."    (older bro/younger bro = I took the hit....  f'k....)

@erik_squires   Back in the Oaktown>SF era, worked with Steve, who laid hans on a new Awdy Quattro...

"What's a limey like youse going 'germ' on us?  Hate their football teams, not the cars?  'Splain...."

"....their teams are just a lot of big girlies....the cars?  This one is great...."

(  I didn't, and still won't, argue with a man with a red-hot soldering iron in hand....)

(Long story....don't have short ones anymore....)

...except for this....Good night or morning, as is your situation.... ;)

"HAL: I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that."

I don’t do digital, my gear is 70’s or older. I have inputs.

Wow i tried to post a comment and i could not do that as a Audiogon member with an account. Must have verified Phone number and address. F%^&#$G ridiculous  and.


@alaskaman ....*L*  Yeah....the lower 48 has gotten so wound up in itself that if you're north of the CN border you're 'obviously one of Them...whatever 'They' 'are', which is still unresolved...

"Shuddup, all we want is yer crude (oil, that is...), your landscape to scrape, the permafrost to melt and release who knows what....all that....more when They figure out what might make a $ or mil$....."

And....."Dave?"   "Dave's not here....."

 (Come on, Dave, give me a break.)
Hey, hey, hey, hey, one break coming up!
Change, and nothing stays the same



2nd- Some stuff is better on DVD/VHS.  Time will prove that servers/streamers are not all that.


Happy Listening!