I stream 24/7. Do you?

I find long playlists on Tidal, set them on repeat, and stream 24/7 as background music (my office is right next, and kind of open, to my listening room). My system is solid-state, so I never turn it off anyways. Anyone else stream 24/7?


@nrenter ​My system is solid-state, so I never turn it off anyways.

Other than increasing your electric bill, heating your room and shortening the life of your equipment,  why would you leave the system powered up 24/7?  Does the manufacturer of your amp(s) specifically call for always on?  Just wondering the reason. ​​​​​​  Cheers. 

I used to have the radio on 24/7. As I grow older, I tend to have less and less on, even with having whole house audio, and focus on quality listening session, typically on the weekends, starting with a vinyl and moving to streaming after an album or two. 


Yes, streaming has been a game changer for me. Hardly listen to anything else.

We listen to Internet Radio in the home as our background music, and then for ‘Serious listening’ it’s either Physical Media or my CDs burned to a HD.  I use streaming services mainly for auditioning new recordings or while on the go