I think I've Just Seen Absolute Proof That Audiophiles Are Insanely Gullible

I didn’t want to crap on someone’s sales thread, so I thought i’d post my amazement here. The focus of my disbelief? The "Dalby D7-Vinyl Stabilizer," which is a damn weight that screws onto the turntable spindle to hold the record securely onto the platter. Listed retail? 4000 British Pounds! (although a mag listed it at $6,800! On sale here at AudioGullible for the bargain basement price of 2500 British Pounds, or $3600 US dollars!!! Just read a few snippets of the sales ad . . .

"The D7-Vinyl Stabiliser has a sonic character that brings music to life and the ability to elevate the entire audio frequency from the veil and mechanics inherent in prerecorded music. The gains are immediate, with sweeter high frequency extension while the mid and lower registers are beautifully controlled. The soundscape is wider, higher and deeper, allowing the music to breathe more naturally."

I’m sorry, but I’m calling total BS on this. A friggin’ weight brings "music to life," "sweeter high frequency extension," "allowing the music to breathe more naturally . ." Come on. Its a modified paperweight that screws onto the platter. One can only imagine what this guy thinks about some $20K interconnects for the turntable -- the music probably writes itself! And don’t forget the amazing improvement that a $4,000 carbon fiber mat might add . . . You probably would think you were hallucinating because the music breathed so much it was oozing out of the speakers, like on some of my more memorable nights in college in the ’70’s.

Now I have never heard this amazing gift to the audiophile community, so maybe it is the audio equivalent of the Second Coming, but really? $5,800 for this? It confirms to me that there is a certain insanity/gullibility/too much money/snake oil in this so-called "hobby," (which is a hobby to customers and ridiculous business for some manufacturers). When is enough enough? What about audiophile paint, that has amazing sonic qualities to cut down reflection and make the soundstage so wide that you feel you need a new apartment? Don’t forget the audiophile couch, that is sonically neutral but promises to position your ears to "bring music to life?" OK, I’ve made my point. No offense to the seller of the snake oil, but really . . . When is enough enough?

This concludes my rant for today. :)
There’s a fine line between insane gullibility and hysterical pseudo skepticism. 😛
Hi, I have been following this and similar threads ( solely from the point of view of entertainment value) and I do respect everyone’s opinion if based on first hand experience. I too am a sceptic till I hear a noticeable difference, notwithstanding the explanation as to why the difference occurs.

To the person who raised the question about the Dalby clamp, has he/she ever heard a non-suspended, TT with a record clamp, leave alone the Dalby? I am not a fan of the cost but suffice to say that a clamp works wonders on a non-suspended TT and so does any form of decent isolation. I have heard it and so has every non-audiophile friend of mine who, unsolicited, told me that the record with the clamp in place sounds amazingly better in every way. Frankly I don’t even need them to tell me that. I have also heard clamps and isolation make an audible difference for the better on equipment that I don’t own just so that people here understand that this is not just owner bias. If really interested in finding out, do yourself a favor and listen to a TT with the clamp on and off and you will realise what I am saying. The caveat being it should be a non suspended TT.

I am in in no hurry to spend that kind of money to buy a Dalby, but my humble request to people is to refrain from commenting on stuff they haven’t even bothered to audition. I must say though, that it does contribute to an entertaining read but it stops there. I learn nothing from such rants except about the manifestation of the frustrations of the author!

"pseudo skepticism" ? huh??? skepticism that isn’t true skepticism?
fake skepticism?  huh???
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