I think it is time to retire

Based on what my ears tell me the following should retire from putting out new material. Like great athletes (Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Jim Kelly etc.) who played long after they should have retired, these people should stop cheapening their great careers.

Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Donald Fagen, David Gilmore, Roger Waters, Elton John are some that come to mind. I would like to know what others think of these people’s efforts to keep it going. I would also like to hear of any additions to my list.

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I don't agree with any of your choices, although the Who really should consider hanging it up. Tour as Daltrey/Townshend or whatever but I'm sorry guys the Who is done and gone.
Maybe they should get on steroids?
Every time I see a post like this, I feel compelled to respond.
How do you benefit from their retirement? Just wondering. If you don't benefit, why is it so important to you that they retire? If you are more concerned with their 'musical legacies' than they themselves appear to be, perhaps a change of perspective and a re-direction of your energy towards pursuits that are beneficial to YOU might be just the ticket.
And if artists had listened to those that said they should hang it up, well........

Pete Townshend wouldn't have made "Empty Glass" (remember, they've been calling him too old since 1975.)
Dylan wouldn't have made "Blood on the Tracks".
Neil Young wouldn't have made "Ragged Glory".

Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, and John Lee Hooker might not be familiar names to any of us.

Franz Josef Haydn wouldn't have composed "The Creation".

I'm compelled to ask you - What's the potential up-side (for us) to their retirements? I think I understand and see the very real down-side.

Would you sleep better at night if you knew that "old guys" like Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello wouldn't be "troubling you" with more of their music?

Again, just wondering...

I just got tics to see Waters do "Dark Side of the Moon" At the Hollywood Bowl. I'll just have to get back to you I guess