I think some cables are just a little too expensive.

A while back a shop I did business with carried Transparent Audio Cables. They were so expensive it was obscene. They did sound good, but you had to move up from the bottom to the more idiotically pricey models to start to feel the magic. It had been several years ago and I wanted to check in on my old friends at Transparent Audio. This is their top of the line speaker cable. Now if you don't have a problem with this whole cable thing, this might push you over the edge. I can't imagine a speaker that would need such a cable. Wilson? Rockport? What amp? You can buy a nice luxury vehicle for the same price as a pair of speaker cables? Nelson Pass would be embarrassed to see these monstrosities on one of his amplifiers.

Folks are free to spend their money as they choose but for me, there better be a brick of gold in that pouch thing.
There is something seriously obscene about such products. Enough to turn many would be audiophile people off imo. 
Products designed strictly for the upper elite have no room in my system, whether I could afford them or not. I wouldn't feel right about it, just me. My whole system cost half the price of that speaker cable and I am so proud of its sound. This is too crazy for simple guys like me. Let's see if there are other discussions on here that don't cater to billionaires lol.
I would be surprised if they sold many. Some years back, Transparent was considered top of the heap, but I think the whole "network" thing is a bit out of fashion these days. It seems to have fallen out of favor with the audience who spends that kind of money on cables.
Bananas are optional. Is there a surcharge for them?

The shortest length is 8 feet. They do not mention custom lengths.