I think some cables are just a little too expensive.

A while back a shop I did business with carried Transparent Audio Cables. They were so expensive it was obscene. They did sound good, but you had to move up from the bottom to the more idiotically pricey models to start to feel the magic. It had been several years ago and I wanted to check in on my old friends at Transparent Audio. This is their top of the line speaker cable. Now if you don't have a problem with this whole cable thing, this might push you over the edge. I can't imagine a speaker that would need such a cable. Wilson? Rockport? What amp? You can buy a nice luxury vehicle for the same price as a pair of speaker cables? Nelson Pass would be embarrassed to see these monstrosities on one of his amplifiers.

It would be helpful if everyone posting would leave their opinions regarding how much people spend. 
If one wants to spend a lot on cables and they hear a difference then they can. If they don’t they don’t. 
This is not a site for politics and the elites or whatever that even is. Some people spend it when they don’t have it and some people don’t spend it and have a lot of it. 
Stick to audio advice not your opinion on your perceived ills of the world. Many thanks!
I have also listened to many AudioQuest cables and they have a slightly dark sound. May be a good fit. Look up the CV8. Not very expensive and good quality. 
As I have stated here previously, I prefer and use Nordost. TYR2 and Frey2 are both extremely good. The Heimdall is also very good and less expensive. 
Kimber is also a good cable
I use MIT, and I’m very happy with networked cables.  Would love to try equivalently priced Transparent cables.  Unlike MIT, they are optimized at the factory to work with specific components.  If the components change, the cables can be sent back to the factory for adjustment at no additional expense.
I have mixed feelings about the word ‘allow’.  In the old days, people strove to get ahead so they could afford such ‘prizes’, and this was not generally looked down upon.  Things have changed.