I think some cables are just a little too expensive.

A while back a shop I did business with carried Transparent Audio Cables. They were so expensive it was obscene. They did sound good, but you had to move up from the bottom to the more idiotically pricey models to start to feel the magic. It had been several years ago and I wanted to check in on my old friends at Transparent Audio. This is their top of the line speaker cable. Now if you don't have a problem with this whole cable thing, this might push you over the edge. I can't imagine a speaker that would need such a cable. Wilson? Rockport? What amp? You can buy a nice luxury vehicle for the same price as a pair of speaker cables? Nelson Pass would be embarrassed to see these monstrosities on one of his amplifiers.


A free society or democracy creates opportunity for the people that live under it. We are ALL ALLOWED to participate. Within any society, life is not always fair. Some people don’t get it....they just continue to complain about it, and want someone else to “make up” for it or pay for their own shortcomings.

But..... I agree with MIT as well. 

Agree with ebm. Purist cables are great. If you have the coin, spend it anyway you want. You can’t spend from the grave. I’d love to listen to a 7 figure system, then buy it used for 5 figures. 
Everyone loves a conscientious communist. 
Well at least oxy morons do.
Foolish wisdom.

1 in 6 children in America are food insecure. Pretty high price for the kind of “freedom” only cronyism creates. Expensive objects like this are meant to reinforce the identity of people who are so far removed from everybody else that they need to measure their status against one another, rather than against the principles  of an ethical and spiritual life. They need ways to signal their worth to one another. That’s the cultural function of these products. 

A friend just bought me a $99 DAC and I am really thrilled to have this thing. I used to have a fantastic system but ran afoul with the law and bye-bye big system. Losing all that didn't cause me to stop being an audiophile. Man I caught the bug in 1975. One thing I have to remind myself it's not about the equipment. It's about the music.