I think some cables are just a little too expensive.

A while back a shop I did business with carried Transparent Audio Cables. They were so expensive it was obscene. They did sound good, but you had to move up from the bottom to the more idiotically pricey models to start to feel the magic. It had been several years ago and I wanted to check in on my old friends at Transparent Audio. This is their top of the line speaker cable. Now if you don't have a problem with this whole cable thing, this might push you over the edge. I can't imagine a speaker that would need such a cable. Wilson? Rockport? What amp? You can buy a nice luxury vehicle for the same price as a pair of speaker cables? Nelson Pass would be embarrassed to see these monstrosities on one of his amplifiers.

Cable threads are not worth participating in much anymore.
why not?...I find them extremely interesting...it is a good measure of the sanity of our society..
There are regular cables, and then there are cables with a built-in network/component, the two are totally different animals. A lot can be done to change the sound with a network connected to it.
What will they come up with next, a cable with drivers at the end, and still call it a cable? 
You goez to work,you savez your moneyz, and you buyz stuff. Welocome to the real world. I can’t afford Uber expensive items,and never will. But by God,I will not begrudge someone  that can. That my friends is the US of A. Everyone does not get a participation award. 
After 40 years in this hobby, I have bought and retired probably 50 pairs of speaker cables. I think most of us have the "used cable" box or drawer. I will say that there is some logic to the phrase "pay once and cry once". As long as the "pay once" cables are indeed a ’final solution’ or the absolute best for your speakers and system, and if you achieve musical satisfaction, where you can say "there may be better out there, but in the here and no - I'm good". There is definite value to no longer wondering or being somehow dissatisfied with the sound of your system. Quality, technologically advanced high end cables ARE ’too expensive’; but they represent not just material cost(s), but time, designer’s experience, and technology implementation. How much is your time and ultimately satisfaction worth? Personally, if they are the perfect fit for my amp and speakers, speaker cables for example are worth one-two weeks salary. A month’s? Probably not so much. But, it’s going to be different for everyone.