I took Frank Zappa’s advice

I’ve never actually heard this album but apparently Frank and I have the same taste. I listen to everything that way. 

Zappa - Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch:

"This album has been engineered to sound correct on JBL 4311 speakers or an equivalent. Best results will be achieved if you set your pre-amp tone controls to the flat position with the loudness control in the off position. Before adding any treble or bass to the sound of the album, it would be advisable to check it out this way first. F.Z."


He employed many great musicians to play what, for me anyway, is mostly pretentious, sexist, unlistenable music that seems to lack any soul. What I call the "I wrote it so it must be good" school of thought. I really liked Zappa anyway. His biography is amazing, his atheist stance is exactly in line with mine, and he was driven and brilliant. A health tip he gave still resonates with me and I repeat it often: "Never eat anything bigger than your head."