I use qobuz and roon, Play lists seem really bad, what do I do?

I used to use Spotify and I like the playlists.

Qobuz and roon created playlists are weird. Didn't see anything and I generally like most Music.  Roon seems to have a good radio feature which continues to play songs after requested songs are played out. 

Anyone find playlists that are any good anywhere?


I dont know about play lists but I find the radio feature on Pandora to be superior to Spotify, Qobuz, and Tidal's offerings despite its low fi quality I still use it to explore music. Wonder how Pandora's radio compares to Tidal's.

You can use a program called Soundiiz (soundiiz.com) to transfer favorite artists, tracks, albums and playlists from one platform to another.  I use free Spotify to find a bunch of playlists I like and then transfer them to Qobuz using Soundiiz.

Previously used Soundiiz, with Roon  I only use self made playlists, from both Tidal and Qobuz, don't care for the curated playlists Do like Roon radio, while I haven't checked out this feature, if radio songs could be pulled from history to create playlists I'd go for that.