I've become a Steely Dan junky . . . . .

I've always loved Steely Dan and that Jazzy Rock sound. Lately however, I've become addicted and can't get enough of them. I've always been a rock fan, but I'd like to expand my collection with more of the jazz/rock sound. I've got all of Steely Dan's albums and Donald's solos also. If a few of you could turn me on to some similar recording artists, it would be appreciated.
I assume you've also collected "The NightFly" and "Kamakiriad" by Donald Fagen, and "11 Tracks of Whack" by Walter Becker. Becker and Fagen of course ARE Steely Dan!

BTW, check out the novel "Naked Lunch" by Burroughs to find out how the band got its name!
Check out their web site www.steelydan.com Below the glossy well wrought surface, it's an evil sardonic place dripping with contempt for the world and their ever loyal fan base. It's just like one of their songs, it's great!

PS Saw them live outdoors at Saratoga on a warm July night, amazing music and you could almost taste their contempt for the experience!
I would think some Sting music would be in order. How about *Dream of the blue turtles* and *Nothing like the sun* for starters.
Yes, I've got all of their solo albums too.
Glen, I've got every Sting and Police album also. Must be the style I'm hooked on.
I can't help but wonder what other less known acts are out there. Maybe all this means I could easily get hooked on pure jazz. Any recommendations?
Do you have any Diana Krull yet? Try *All for you* I think you'll like it :~)