I've found the cd player for analog lovers

I'm the guy who said on Audiogon, "When is digital going to get the soul of music?". Let me just say that I've found the digital player that rivals or beats analog. No, it is not $40,000. Please read me on my thread! I do believe that there is much variability with cd's. So not all cd's are created equally. The player in question is APL Hi-Fi's Denon 3910. I've found that volume is really critical. Alex voiced his player while comparing it to analog. Let me just tell you that I used to get tense from cd. I'm not saying that all cd's will sound great. For instance, my friend bought a cd from Walmart that was Van Morrison's greatest hits. It was hard to listen to through the digital haze to the music on Alex's $19,000(not your price)cd player.
I've got a cd for you Warrenh. It's called, "Celtic Spirit", from the Narada Collection Series. I'm not sure this is the proper way to contact them. Let me just say that cd people have been less than honest. This cd is honest. You won't find digitis with this cd. Cd people need to get honest(or they are deaf)! I have heard many cd's , and cd players that are unbelievably unmusical. Come on, are you guys that deaf? Cd's and cd players are not created equally. You guys are unbelievable! Do you actually like listening to music? Why don't you have, at least, an analog system to get grounded?
That CD you're suggesting is one of the best sounding I have. Nice pick!!!!
Heard the Rega Apollo last weekend. Not in the market myself, but the Apollo is quite a CD player. No negative artifacts (at least as usual from sub $1000 CD players), tremendous jump, musicality, and tone. Sounded very live. Maybe a little short in treble and bass resolution compared to the Ayre CX7 or new Linn Majik ($3500), but a lot of fun. Don't think the minor perceived shortcomings will matter to music lovers.
are you hearing voices? who you be talking to? double up on your meds...lol..no takers for this thread? ...I wonder why!