i want a dull, caramel colored cd player any ideas

i like a dull, veiled, laid,back, boring sound capable of putting me to sleep. i hate treble and i don't like detail. i like subtractive coloration to such an extent that all recordings sound the same. you can talk about detail, neutrality all day long.
if you don't tap your foot, it doesn't matter.

i want to relax, not bothered by detail or dynamics. veil the sound and cut off the highs. darkness and dullsville is my motto, by choice. thick caramel syrup makes me happy.
I've got an old portable CD player from 1987 around here somewhere and when the rechargable battery runs down (pretty quickly now) it sounds VERY veiled with the highs completely gone. Lows too! It still sounds better then my neighbors Blose though.
Maybe you should just keep what'ya got and wax-impregnate some cotton balls and stick'em in your ears!
Just cover your speakers with socks, pillow cases and the like....too "detailed" add more dirty laundry...

One of those Philly audio preamps should give you all you need and more..what a piece of junk! It should make you proud of the caramel coated system.:-0 Put any cd player with it ..they'll all sound the same any way.