I want to be moved and have the music touch my soul!

Hello all.
To start here's my system:  Harbeth Compact 7es-3 speakers with DIY 10" subs. JL Audio CR-1 crossover. Rotel RB 981 power amp for the subs. Ayre KX5mp pre amp. SMC Audio DNA1 Gold power amp. Cardas reference neutral interconnects. Kimber 8Tc speaker cables. Oppo BD105 player. 

The system sounds great but it does not move me. I want the music to touch touch my soul. I have been through many different speakers in the past 4 years but I like the Harbeths the most. I feel bored when I'm listening. I'm not sure what to do other than spend more money. Any help?
Thanks in advance.
I think you need to audition different systems. If they all bore you its time to get a new hobby.

 The key to connecting to the emotional content of music, is to get your speakers working together as a unit, and pressurizing your ears as sounds do in life. Through the implementation of "The Art of Rational Speaker Placement", based on Sumiko's MASTER Set, this can and will happen. Go to myspeakersetup.com to read articles and order The Setup Guide for this procedure. I learned this technique over 14 years ago, and it was THE game changer for me and this hobby. LL the things you described that you want will be realized.
You can also choose to hire me to set your speakers up for optimum performance - my work is fully guaranteed - if I can't get your hi fi truly "singing", you would owe me nothing, and your only expense would be round trip travel costs.
  • honashagen sez:

I want to hear inside the music. I want to hear the room and the reverbs. I want to hear the spit on a singers lips. I want to hear 20hz on a 32' pipe of a pipe organ. I want fast transients. Above all I don't want strident cringing top end.
In that case, you should be concentrating on lowering the noise floor of your existing system. Lower it enough, and you'll get everything listed above, except strings on poor recordings. They will always have that cringe factor even with a lowered noise floor.