I want to be moved and have the music touch my soul!

Hello all.
To start here's my system:  Harbeth Compact 7es-3 speakers with DIY 10" subs. JL Audio CR-1 crossover. Rotel RB 981 power amp for the subs. Ayre KX5mp pre amp. SMC Audio DNA1 Gold power amp. Cardas reference neutral interconnects. Kimber 8Tc speaker cables. Oppo BD105 player. 

The system sounds great but it does not move me. I want the music to touch touch my soul. I have been through many different speakers in the past 4 years but I like the Harbeths the most. I feel bored when I'm listening. I'm not sure what to do other than spend more money. Any help?
Thanks in advance.
I am not bored listening to the car radio, or my friends crappy system. 

Did you in the past get a kick out of your music? What kind of music do you really love? Anything with Bill Frisell gets me going. 

Maybe you need to get out and see real music, with real people around you.

Go to Axpona in April and get a feel for what sounds good, then try to change out your gear.  Trial and error is how you get there.  
Musical intervention? Lost your mojo? All the fancy audio trappings can't cure two left thumbs attached to the side of your head. Music finds you if it is meant to be. Remember, most of the music audiophiles recommend
is embarrassing to cultured music lovers. Bad advice,bad music.
   If you want music to touch your soul....sit closer.

Perhaps you’re already a musician at some level but if not I feel that learning and playing a musical instrument connects you so much more deeply to those who create music at a high level. As a guitarist since age 13 (but not a gifted nor professional musician), I have such a deep appreciation for the art of making music when created by the handful of humans who can create that magic with their hands or voices. I can measure the vast distance between what they can deliver to our culture versus those sounds created by mere mortals like me, and it’s beautiful to the point of tears quite often.