I want to be moved and have the music touch my soul!

Hello all.
To start here's my system:  Harbeth Compact 7es-3 speakers with DIY 10" subs. JL Audio CR-1 crossover. Rotel RB 981 power amp for the subs. Ayre KX5mp pre amp. SMC Audio DNA1 Gold power amp. Cardas reference neutral interconnects. Kimber 8Tc speaker cables. Oppo BD105 player. 

The system sounds great but it does not move me. I want the music to touch touch my soul. I have been through many different speakers in the past 4 years but I like the Harbeths the most. I feel bored when I'm listening. I'm not sure what to do other than spend more money. Any help?
Thanks in advance.
Listen to the 1983 live performance of Beauty and the Beast by Stevie Nicks on YouTube. If that doesn't move you I don't know if anything will...Dick
@acman3 : "I am not bored listening to the car radio, or my friends crappy system."

To me that is important. If there aren't songs that move you regardless of  what they're being played on then the problem probably isn't with the system.

@three_easy_payments, I agree. But as someone who has never played anything (dabbled in harmonica for a while) I am awed by what even common musicians can do. It all seems mystical to me.

However, I am thinking about trying drums even though a 55 year old man learning to play drums in his basement seems like a bit of a sad cliche'. I fully expect to get a low priced kit, bang on it a few days which should be long enough to convince me that it isn't as easy as it looks and that no period of endless practice will ever be enough to make me coordinated. ;-)
I've had people as far away as New Hampshire hire me, and I did a set for a gentleman in Carmel IN last year - I'm in Denver, CO

I had a recording studio in the 80's. I played drums since I was 10. 63 now. Gigging made me lose all interest in my home audio system. I have been back into audio gear for 4 years. Axpona in only 90 miles away.