I want to replace the router/modem Comcast with a high quality for streaming

I wish to purchase a modem/ router for streaming high quality audio. Any suggestions? It must be compatible with Comcast/Xfinity


@mitch2 “…that will hopefully provide the speed I am paying for. ”


Good luck with that. Bird dogging Verizon to get what you pay for is a full time job. When you don’t get it with a third party modem / router they will claim it is your router. 

Don’t get me going.

As strange as it might sound, this is a real Newbie on such an area of Data Transfer. 

How many Cat 6 or above Cable Runs is sensible planning? 

@ghdprentice - Xfinity just left after helping integrate my new Arris SURFboard T25 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem, which doubled my internet speed over what I was getting with the previous modem.  Speed Test showed well over 500 Mbps now, which is certainly all I need for my home usage and which was well worth the $112 cost.


When doing a major renovation a few years ago I put in flexible plastic conduit with pull strings inside to help future proof the installation.



Glad to hear it. See how long you have that speed.

Xfinity would not touch my Modem / Router.


Also check your billing for extra charges. They charged me $100 to put in their router and a couple mystery charges. No cost other than the monthly charge told to me by the technician.