I want to upgrade from Polk rti28's

I have to keep my budget under $800. I really like the polks...but they seem to strain in the high end (some harshness as well). Bass is fine (I also have sub). I'm going to listen to PSB, B&W 6 series and Paradigm speakers locally. No one close to where I live carries Monitor, Epos or Totem. I rather purchase new speakers. I want to upgrade and not crossgrade. I don not like the sound of Klipsch, too crisp and very fatiguing IMO. Alos I don not like Big Box retail speakers (low end Polks, Infinity, Cerwin Vega's etc). I thought about Polk LSi's...but I need 4 ohm capable amp (I have Elite receiver). Am I missing anything by not listening to Epos, Monitor or Totem? I could take a chance and order from a dealer with replacement policy. I do like the "house" sound of Polk since I have had them for 6 years.