I Was Stunned

For years I have resisted a rack for the front end gear because of concerns of the effects of hard vertical surfaces at or near the same height as the tweeters and midrange drivers affecting the center image and the illusion of a soundstage.

My gear sat on the floor.

And then  I got an idea.

A few weeks ago I visited with a friend who is also a craftsman and artisan.

The rack I designed and he built is made from 1" square steel tubing.

All tubes are filled with sand before being welded together.

It has two shelves made from 1.5" butcher block. They are 18" deep and 48" wide.

The top shelf is 20" high.

The tweeters are 48" high, the midrange 40".

The shelves are isolated from the frame with silicone.

It is non-resonant, heavy, solid and gorgeous.

It sits on a wood floor, over a concrete slab.

I wasn't expecting what I heard. Amazing transformation. Greater clarity, cleaner highs, mids and lows. More natural timbres. Better dynamics. 

You get the picture. 

I was stunned.


Our prejudices hold us back. Good that have worked out nicely.

Waiting for picture.

believe it or not you can still dramatically improve things even further by putting critical mass footers under your components thy actively draw energy away from the components as well as isolating each piece from the surface their affects aren't subtle 


welcome to the world of anti vibrational turning

Dave and TroyAudio Intellect  nj

critical mass dealers





Your post sounds like what this craftsman sells on Etsy. He built my rack for me. His work is top notch.


That rack looks like it was made by a plumber, but it is interesting and funky.