I wasn’t sure where to classify this…

So this isn’t specifically audio focused, but people here understand things like

power management, THD and so on.


I moved from So-Cal where all I had to worry about was having a UPS for a 30 second or less power outage.  Now I live in So-Alabama where hurricanes could potentially take power out for up to 2 weeks!

in said situation, whole house backup generators are extremely

pricey!  I have a regular construction generator I want to use as an emergency backup, as well as a battery backup UPS on my computer.

this is a non-inverter generator, so it’s dirty power.  lol my

UPS protect my computer etc, and regulate the large THD issues, or do I need something to help adapt?  Since this is for backup, and I don’t plan to run my high end theater equipment on it, it’s merely asking advise on equipment that would help me not fry my computer in a 5-10 day power outage with dirty power.  Is the UPC enough?  Do I need more?


@scott22 You obviously have never lived outside of Cali. The beaches near me have softer sand, water that is so clear that I can see the ground at 6ft deep, you don’t need a suit or to swim in the ocean comfortably.  If it rains, I can go in the water immediately after vs. San Diego where you should wait 24-48 hours for the contamination runoff to pass…. And you can talk to random women and men, without worrying about getting pepper sprayed for saying “Hello”. Yup 

You don't mention whether you have a switch that takes you off the utility company's power while connecting to your generator.  This is a critical piece of equipment for many reasons.  You should have a licensed electrician do the connecting with permits to avoid issues unless you are going to run long extension cords to the generator and plug everything in directly to it.  If the latter, make sure they can carry the load and are rated for the power they will be delivering.

I lived in Pensacola for 16 years. Went through 3 major hurricanes. Did not even keep track of the others. Swore to never EVER live on the gulf coast again. Problem with generators is you need gas. Stock it up in cans big time ahead of major storms because power will be out everywhere, including gas stations. So no gas. They will reopen some strategically after 2 or 3 days but the lines will be 6 hours long and they only allow 3 cans per car. And that's just a small part of dealing with this crap. 10 days without power in your home for a major would be correct. Hopefully you will be luckier than us. 

That’s why it behooves you to get a dual fuel generator.

Get a big propane tank and you’re in a much better position to ’weather’ the storm!

Hurricane Michael did it in for a lot of folks. That was a real nasty one. And they’re only going to get worse.