I will travell to New York, would be glad to meet members

Me and my wife will travell from Sweden to New York and visit my daughter who has moved there permanently. Her husband has got a job I New York and they live on Staten Island near the ferry.
We would love if any audigon  meber in NY will meet with us to listen to their fine set up and perhaps have dinner out with us. We will be there between 1 and 10 of may.
i am a retired lawyer and my wife still works as a meteorologist 
Is there any high end shops in New York worth visiting?

Stefan and Kerstin (my moniker is ulf)
Stockholm Sweden 

Stefan- I am sorry that I will miss you-- I moved from New York a few months ago, but lived there for a long time, last in the lower Hudson Valley not far from a town called Nyack.
The city is a splendid place for a visitor. Among hi-fi dealers, Jeff, at High Water Sound is very good, but you should call for an appointment. (Much of his gear originates from Europe so it may not be too surprising). I haven’t spend much time in retail audio stores in the last decade or more, so I can’t really give you much more insight. I’d be happy to give you a few restaurant recommendations, though. :)

I have a long time colleague, Per Magnusson, in Stockholm. We worked intensively together on a series of matters in the mid-late ’90s. He was a top flight lawyer, very good in understanding people, including Americans (whose litigation style is a bit different from what existed in Stockholm at the time). I spent much time in your lovely city and would go back to visit gladly.

I would suggest you contact Audiogon member audioconnection. He runs a store in NJ not far from NYC and is a great guy and audiophile. He has lots of great equipment for audition.
If you think you could make it to Long Island, give me a shout.
Greg and chayro, i have send you pm but got no response 
Sadly there seems not to be any really high end stores  left in central NY city
(prove me wrong). I remember beeing told that in the old days Sounds by Singer
used armed trucks to deliver really high end gears to customers!,
Luckily we have still here in Stockholm one of Europes biggest  Audio Store
"audio concept"carrying some heavy stuff. I bought my Focal Grande Utopia Em there.
Whart I would be glad to see you if you ever go to Stockholm again (and please give me your best manhattan restaurant tip)
Stefan: I don't know about "best" but if you eat spicy food, there is a superb Szechuan restaurant in midtown called "Wu Liang Ye." It is not fancy- in fact, it is a bit of a dump, but it is clean enough, and the food sparkles. You must make a reservation- if you call, ask for Herman, the manager, and use my name, Bill Hart. If you want lobster, you must reserve that in advance, and I recommend doing so. The menu I would have is razor clams, szechuan dumplings, either cold or dan dan noodles, capsicum chicken, a lobster dish, some fried rice and snow pea leaves or string beans with bamboo shoots (if they are out of snow pea leaves). They have a lot of exotic dishes on the menu, and you can feel free to experiment, but those dishes are tried and true-- I've eaten there many, many times over the years.
If you want an elegant lunch, you might try to book at the Modern in MoMa, and ask for a seat in the dining room facing the sculpture garden This is one of Danny Meyer's restaurants, and though I don't think it is in the very highest tier of restaurants based solely on food, it is very, very good, the service is usually exceptional and the setting is very refined. 
Whart. Thanks for tips. Makes me hungry at once
i thought sound by singer was out of business but realize that they still exist and sells som high end (but only by apointment)