I won the stressless lottery

My mom had gotten a settlement that allows her to spend her final days in a nice retirement community. I had gone up to go see her and do some chores for her as I was helping her in her car so that she could go do some labs at the doctors office An elderly lady pointed out to some workers that were emptying an apartment why was she getting rid of such a nice coffee table. It was then when I looked up into the truck, that I noticed what I assumed was a knock off. It looked in really good condition, jammed up against some other stuff. I asked the young gentleman if he wouldn’t mind if he would let me have it and he said sure why not. As he’s handing it to me, he asked, do you want the ottoman that apparently comes with it? I said sure why not try not to let people know my excitement of what I may have possibly had found. Still not sure as all the tags had been cut off someone was gonna go to jail over this lol. I finally get it loaded into the Ford and finally see the stressless mark on the tightn knob. Getting it home and setting it up I don’t believe it was used 10 times and getting a stressless was going to be an end game down the road acquisition. To this day, it completely blows me away at what I have been able to build and have this come my way. It’s just some serious nice icing on top of that beautiful cake. What blessings are out there. Thank you so much for listening to me brag. And yes, I’m here to tell you that leather sounds so much better and I’ll argue with all the deniers out there have a wonderful listening day everyone!


Nice score.

Maybe if you hung out a little longer, the matching footrest would have been tossed also.

@tablejockey the matching foot rest was included in the giveaway. This truly is a score of a lifetime.

Congratulations to the Op ...

Luck struck more than one time... I wish you the rest....

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@ y'all....

...it just has to Look like a cigar...

But, when it's been rolled that zoftig....

You Will need 'assistance'....of a sort...

Before, During, and After....


"....where did I leave my keys...?"

Same place we've left our minds.....the Return for Regrooving Bin....*snicker*

(...next to the 'Post removed'/Recycle file.... ;).....)

Not mine, tho'....*whew*

Great story.You saved it from going to a secondhand store and sold for $20 probably. I am sure this happens all the time as folks pass away and the family does not want the furniture left behind and the home needs to clear out the furniture for the next guest..! When my dad passed away we told the home that they could keep what we had moved there from his house. 

Post a picture or link to a picture and I can tell you the model and price. If there is a tag with a model number still on the bottom that would be better. Stressless has a min retail price no dealer is allowed to go below.

Look in the zippered part of the ottoman underneath for a manual and some leather treatment. The first owner may have removed it.

@notnow0329 Thanks for the offer to help, I have been able to determine that it is a Peace model with the signature base. I believe it is the Paloma blue leather. It took me like two hours on Google to find it because it’s not on the current stressless website. Found it on vitality web.com.
Unfortunately, no treasure in the Ottoman. Did order some hide bracer, leather cleaner and conditioner off of Amazon, per advice of the Dania, furniture store, sales lady. And thanks for the heads up on where to store the leather treatment.

Do keep up with the cleaner and conditioner. Even their bottom grade leather is very good but all hide needs to be fed.   Armrests and the front edge get the most abuse because human skin oils are very acidic. 

I paid full price for mine and don;t regret a single day. 

Sometimes things work out. Congrat's. 

@tvrgeek I ordered some stuff from Amazon will definitely keep this up like I had a whole bunch of maids whose specific task is taking care of leather furniture. Ordered a product called hidebracer leather cleaner and conditioner, if anyone out there has another suggestion, I would gladly hear their thoughts on that. I would’ve happily paid full price for this chair! This is an amazing piece of engineering!

Well, I have a pair of Stressless recliners with footrests.  Unfortunately, I got these only after my folks passed.  My mother's is a bit smaller than my father's.  I actually prefer it over the larger one, since the back doesn't rise over my ears...this is much better for listening.


Thanks for the reminder to properly care for the leather.  It hadn't occurred to me.

I have one of the early models in chrome and black leather. I tried a lot of chairs and this was by far the most comfortable and also the best looking. Great score!

I was lucky to be able to buy a matching pair about 10 years ago. They are the only two seats in my HiFi room.  You reminded me how nice they are. I've been taking owning them for granted. 

Does it get any better than two fingers of The Macallan 25, a Fuente Eye Of The Shark, and a Stressless to enjoy them in.......?  Except maybe a pound of coke and a 500-pound Thai hooker?

I think not.

Wow, I just spent $67 on this white elephant. Getting beeswax, Flitz metal polish, and Hidebracer leather conditioner. Plus a T-30 torx wrench to take apart for maintenance. Definitely going to upkeep it as this is a beautiful 🤩 thing. What got me onto the metal polish thing was there was a scratch on the bottom of the finger rest area, from the movers shoving it into the truck. Borrowed some Flitz from my neighbor and that worked so well that I realized I needed to do the whole chair 🪑. So later this week when Amazon shows up, baby’s going to have a spa  party 🎊. Thanks for the kind words from all of you. I enjoy this space, one of my daily refuge.