I would like some feedback on a int. amp

I need some ideas regarding a smallish sized integrated amp. It needs to be around 100 watts @ 8 ohms and offer a remote control. I say the physical size should not be bigger than 17” wide and 5-6” high. The depth isn’t too critical. I will be looking on the used market and have about $1000-1500 to spend. Phono is nice but not essential. I am interested in the follow brands but have never listened to any of them: Musical Fidelity, Vincent, Sim Audio YBA, Naim, NAD master series, Classe or Creek. I have monitor speakers and listen to jazz, American songbook, classical and some blues. The room is 17 X 30 X 8’ and we don’t blast the volume. I like a smooth sound with tight bass and a nice soundstage with front-to-back imaging. What are some of your favorites that I should check out & thanks in advance.
Can you tell us more about your speakers? You simply said "monitor speakers", so are we to assume Harbeth, Yamaha NS-11s,or Radio Shack?

If you are going to keep your current speakers, they will probably dictate what integrated amp you need more than our off-the-cuff recommendations.

If your speakers are moderately efficient and like the tube sound, I would not worry about the size of your room too much. A good tube or hybrid integrrated amp might work very well - just make sure that you can try before buying.

If it turns out that your speakers are tube-friendly, you might look at the Jolida line of hybrid int. amps. Folks that have them rave about them. I have had short listening sessions with several models and I think that they are a lot of sonic bang for the buck. No integrated phono stage, but their prices are very reaonable and you might well be able to put together a new system within your budget. Less for used,of course.
the vincent hybrid, which has 100w and 150w versions, is just great and within your budget. (reportedly, shengya makes an identical, less expensive version, which i have not auditioned).
Agree with Br3098, we need to know the speakers to make a better recommendation.