I would love some suggestions on great acoustic...

guitar recordings. I am talking about both solo acoustic and possibly voice added. I like flowing and melodic and am less inclined to listen to aggressive styles. Thanks much.
Actually I have one of them and like it except for the political ranting at times. Very good music. I will check out the second. Thanks.
If you're into digital file playback, you might find some recordings of interest at the Blue Coast Records website or its associated DownloadsNow site. One thing that's nice with these sites is that samples (often full length) are always provided for preview. As an example, here's an album (downloadable as standard resolution wav files) that's all solo guitar: Long Summer Days by Karen Segal
I still listen to the old Levinson "Elliot Fisk Plays Scarlatti", which is usually available on Ebay. The Sheffield Micheal Newman record is also very nice. Michael Hedges "Arial Boundaries" is good too. He plays electric, but it's very melodic. Ralph Towner "Timeline" is excellent, as is Peder Riis "Classical Guitar" on Opus3.
Slack Key Guitar Volume 2
10 different guitar soloists .... very highly recommended .... one of all-time fave of all of these.

A Unique Classical Guitar Collection. CD 22062
Opus 3 stereo/ hybrid SACD cd made in Germany
Stockholm guitars Quartet performing Bach, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Brahms, Debussy,
Also solo performances

Ottmar Liebert Nouveau Flamenco
Higher Octave Music

The last one is a electric guitars duet that leaves most guitar fans gobsmacked;

Chester and Lester

Cher Atkins and Les Paul as duelling guitar soloists backed up by the best in Nashville


RCA Nashville / Legacy American Mikestones series